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Визначні місця Лондона
Тема: Визначні місця Лондона
Мета: : Ознайомити з новим лексичним матеріалом теми;
             Повторити назви визначних місць Лондона;
             Повторити граматичний матеріал: порівняння за допомогою структури as…as;
             Навчати складати монологічні повідомлення за темою;
             Розвивати комунікативні вміння учнів;
             Виховувати інтерес до культури та історії британського народу.

Обладнання: картки з завданнями, картки з назвами пам'яток, граматична схема, комп'ютерна презентація «Ми подорожуємо до Лондона»
                                               Хід уроку
1. Оргмомент. Привітання
Т. Good morning, children!
P. Good morning, good morning,
    Good morning to you!
    Good morning, good morning,
    I’m glad to see you!
T. I’m glad to see you too, sit down, please. Who is on duty today?
P1. I’m on duty today. Form 6-A is ready for the lesson. All are present, but two pupils are absent. They are Popova Helen, Scorin Danil. They are still ill. Today is Monday, the fourth of  Fabruary.
T. Thank you.
       2. Мовленнєва зарядка. Учбова розмова T→P1, P2, P3.
T. We are on our school trip to London, aren’t we?
P1. Yes, we are.
T. What have we already visited?
P2. We have already visited the Tower of  London.
T. Let’s recollect what we know about it.
      3. Лексична робота. Картки.   
1) Fortress        a) a story from ancient times.
2) Prison          b) large birds of the crow family with shiny black           feathers
3) Ravens         c) a person who shows tourists around interesting places.
4) Legend         d) a strong building that protected against attacks
5) Guide           e) a building where people are kept as a punishment for the crime they have commited
        4. Активізація вживання вивчених лексичних одиниць.
T. Now let’s make sentences using the notes on the blackboard.
- The sight
- Location
- Built by
- Built in
- Now it is
- In the past it was
- Guarded by
P1. The Tower of London is one of the most famous sights of London.
P2. It is Located in the East End of London.
P3. The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror.
P4. It was built in the XI century.
P5. Now it is the museum.
P6. In the past the Tower of London was a palace, a fortress, and a prison.
P7. It is guarded by the Beefeaters.
      5. Контроль домашнього завдання. Монологічне повідомлення. 
a) Look at the screen and make an excursion around the Tower of London.
b) Dialogue. Let’s listen to what the children are talking about after visiting the Tower of London. 
a) Complete the dialogue with the phrases below.
1.Wow! it’s great! I am sure you really enjoyed your visit.
2.Did you go to the Bloody Tower?
3.Where did you go yesterday?
4.Did you visit the Jewel Room?
A: Where did you go yesterday?___________
B: I went to the Tower of London with my class.
A: Wow! it’s great! I am sure you really enjoyed your visit.________
B: Oh, yes. We were staying there the whole day. We visited all the museums. We watched the Puppet Show about the old days of the Tower of London. It was funny.
A: Did you visit the Jewel Room?________
B: Yes, of course. We had watched an interesting video before we went there. It was exciting!
A: .Did you go to the Bloody Tower?____
B: Yes, we did. It’s a terrible place. After that visit we wanted to feed the black ravens with our sandwiches, but the Raven Master didn’t let us do that.
b) Answer the questions.
1.Did the children enjoy their visit to the Tower of London?
Yes, they did. They enjoyed their visit to London very much.
2.Why were they staying there the whole day?
They were staying in London the whole day because they visited all museums and watched the Puppet Show._____________
3.What show did the children watch?
The children watched the Puppet Show.
4.What had the children done before they went to the Jewel Room?
They had watched an interesting video about the Jewel Room.
5. Is the Bloody Tower a terrible place?
Yes,it is. It is a terrible place.
6. Did the children feed the black ravens with sandwiches?
No, they didn’t. The children didn’t feed the ravens with sandwiches.
 6. Робота над темою.
T. Today we continue our trip around London. We are going to visit some other places of interest.
a) Фонетичене відпрацювання назв пам'яток. 
Look at the screen and repeat the names of the sights after me.
- The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
- St. Paul’s Cathedral
- Trafalgar Square
- Buckingham Palace
- Parliament Square
- Westminster Abbey
b) Тематичне читання.
                                                            Places to Visit
          London is full of historical landmarks and exciting attractions. People who visit London for the first time usually start their trip from Trafalgar Square. It’s famous for its Nelson’s Column, a statue to Lord Admiral Nelson who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
If you go down Whitehall from Trafalgar Square, you’ll get to Parliament Square. The Houses of Parliament, or Westminster Palace is on your left. This wonderful building is the seat of the British Parliament. The Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament is famous for its big hour bell, known as Big Ben. It is one of the most famous clocks in the world. The bell weighs about 14 tons.
Westminster Abbey is a royal church. It is situated opposite the Houses of Parliament. The church is more than 900 years old. You can see the tombs of many British kings, queens and other famous people there.
The other place connected with the Royal Family is Buckingham Palace. It is the official residence of the Queen. When the flag is fly¬ing on the top, the Queen is at home. The palace is like a small town with a police station, two post offices, a hospital, two sports clubs, a cinema and a swimming pool. There are 600 rooms and three miles of red carpet. About 700 people work in the palace.
St. Paul’s Cathedral, the greatest of all English churches, dates back to the 17th century. It took the architect Sir Christopher Wren 35 years to build this magnificent building with many columns. The cathedral is also famous for its Whispering Gallery.
London is the city where ancient and modern live side by side. All in all, it’s a great place to visit.
с) Контроль розуміння прочитаного.
T. Look at the words and make up word combinations. Go to the blackboard one by one and match the parts.
Trafalgar              Big                        of London                    Cathedral              
St. Paul’s              Buckingham         Palace                          Madame
The Houses of      Ben                       Square                          Piccadilly   
Parliament            Tower                   Circus                          Tussaud’s

T. Complete the sentences using the word combinations we’ve just made.
1. Built around 1097, the Tower of London  is a historic fortress that was once a royal palace. It was also used as a prison.
2. The Houses of Parliament  are the place where the government meets.
3. At Madame Tussaud’s you’ll see very realistic, life-size wax figures of pop idols and historic figures.
4. Big Ben is a famous clock tower at the Houses of Parliament.
5. There’s also a famous shopping and entertainment centre called Piccadilly Circus.
6. Buckingham Palace is the London home of Queen Elizabeth II.
7. Trafalgar square is famous for its Nelson’s Column.
          7. Робота над граматичним матеріалом.
 T: Look at the Grammar Lab box on page 141. When do we use the construction as  as. Give an example. When do we use the construction not as... as? Give an example.
(Grammar Lab: Comparisons with as ... as/not as ...as)
P. When we want to say that two people or things are the same, we use  as ... as. In negations we use not as ... as.

T. Write the sentences as in the example. Use as ... as or not as ... as.
Example: Westminster Palace is beautiful. Buckingham Palace is beautiful, too. 
1.  Westminster Palace is beautiful. Buckingham Palace is beautiful, too. - Westminster Palace is as beautiful as Buckingham Palace.
2.  St. Paul's Cathedral is old. Westminster Abbey is older than St. Paul's Cathedral. -  St Paul's Cathedral is not as old as Westminster Abbey.
3.  Trafalgar Square is famous. Parliament Square is famous, too. -  Trafalgar Square is as famous as Parliament Square.
4.  Oxford is beautiful. London is more beautiful. - Oxford is not as beautiful as London.
5.  Whitehall is crowded. Oxford Street is more crowded. - Whitehall is not as crowded as Oxford Street.
6.  London is a busy city. Kyiv is busy, too. - London is as busy as Kyiv.
        8. Домашнє завдання. Впр. 2 ст. 140, читати, перекладати, підготувати повідомлення про одну пам'ятку Лондона; робочий зошит – впр. 3ст.78
        9. Підведення підсумків уроку.
T. Did you like our trip?
P. Yes, we did.
T. What place in London would you like to visit?
P1. I would like to go to Westminster Abbey. It is very old and Interesting.
P2. And I want to go to Trafalgar Sguare to see Nelson’s Column.
P3. I would like to see the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament and hear its bell.
T. I hope, you’ll be able to visit all these places in future. Thank you very much. Good bye!
P. Good bye!

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