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У лікаря

Тема:  У лікаря

Мета:  Навчити використовувати новий лексичний матеріал у реальних життєвих  


             Удосконалювати  навички читання та діалогічного мовлення на базі прочитаного  


             Розвивати креативне мислення  працюючи в парах над реальними ситуаціями;

             Виховувати розуміння значення збереження здоров’я, формувати вміння  

             розповідати про власне здоров’я;

             Давати поради як залишатися здоровим.

             Обладнання: Підручник  для 7 класу А.Несвіт,презентації по темі,робочий зошит, 

                         картки для індивідуальної роботи.  

Хід уроку :

І. Початок уроку

     1. Бесіда з класом

T: Good morning, pupils! Let’s start our lesson. Today we’ll speak about health and body care. We have a lot of work to do. You’ll listen to a text, learn new words and poem, play a game, do the questionnaire, and remember English proverbs and sayings.

How to be healthy?

- Exercise and eat good food, take good care of yourself.

- Brush your teeth, get plenty of sleep.

- Try to be happy and let it show. 

   Healthy activites: cutting down on tea and coffee; drinking more water; getting more sleep; watching what you eat; taking it easy. 

   Unhealthy activities: smoking; eating too many fatty foods; worrying about things a lot; eating a lot of sweets; having a lot of late nights; spending a lot of time in the sun; overdoing it at work.

II.   Phonetic exercise

T: Learn the proverb. Look at the blackboard. The words you don’t know are written on it.

Health – здоров’я

Wealth – багатство, достаток

Please, say after me: "Good health is above wealth”

   Please, look at the blackboard. The poem is written on it. Read after me.

Spades for digging, pens for writing,

Ears for hearing, teeth for biting,

Eyes for seeing, legs for walking,

Tongues for tasting and for talking.

ІІI. Основна частина уроку 

1. T: Pupils, answer the questions, please: "Do you want to be healthy?”

Ps: Yes, we do. We want to be healthy.

T: Do you like to it fruit and vegetables?

P1: Yes, I do. I like to eat fruit and vegetables.

T: Do you do your morning exercises and wash your face in every morning?

P2: Yes, I do. I do my morning exercises and wash my face in every morning.

T: Do you brush your teeth two times a day?

P3: Yes, I do. I brush my teeth two times a day.

T: Do you open your window, when you go to bed?

P4: Yes, I do. I open my window, when I go to bed.

2. T: Make up sentences using: Keep feet, a doctor, to have a headache, a dentist, first aid, to feel well.  (Презентація  Proverbs and sayings about health)

P1: You should eat a good food to stay healthy.

P2: You should get a good sleep.

P3: You should take care of your teeth. 

P4: You should do morning exercises.

P5: You should wash often to stay healthy. 

3. Ex.1 p. 100 Work in pairs. Talk with your friend.

1.  Do you often feel ill?

2.  Where do you go for medical care?

3.  Have you got a family doctor? When is the doctor consulted?

4.  When did you have your last medical checkup?

5.  What did the doctor say?

6.  Were you prescribed any medicines?

4. Ex. 2 b) p. 101 Work in pairs. Act out a dialogue as in the examples.


1.  At school, in the Nurse's Room

A: Good afternoon, Mrs Petrenko! I don't feel very well now.

B: What's the matter?

A: I have got a headache. I think that's because of the weather.

B: Here is a thermometer. Take your temperature.

A: It's37.5°C.

B: I think you should go home and call a doctor. Here is the tablet for your headache.

A: Do you mean a painkiller?

B: Right you are. Now let's phone your mum....

2.  At home

A: How do you feel, dear?

B: I feel really dizzy. What did the doctor say?

A: He told you to take cold tablets and cough syrup.

B: What's the dosage?

A: You must take these pills three times a day after meal and one teaspoon of the cough syrup every three hours.

B: OK, Mum.

5. Ex.3 p.101  Complete the sentences with the words from Ex. 2a.

1.  People use eye drops when they have problems with their eyes.

2.  "What has happened with your knee, Tom? It is swelling. I'll bring you ice pack. It'll help you."

3.  "How often should I take these  pills, Doctor?" -"Three times a day, after meal."

4.  "I have got a running nose, Mum. Is there any nasal spray at home?"

5.  Use this ointment when you have a backache. It can ease your pain. It is a good anaesthetic.

6.  You should use this syryp to wash the cut.

7.  This caugh syryp tastes like coffee. We use it to gargle a throat.

8. Is there a pill  to take for a headache?

9.  Steve is very weak after his illness. That's why his mother gives him vitamins twice a day.

10. Will you bring a heating pad to make your granny’s legs warm?

6. Ex. 5 p. 102 Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions. 

1. It was a painful experience because for many illnesses the doctors used to "bleed" the patients.

2.  They used leeches, gave herbal medicines to the patients.

3.  Germs were discovered in the 19th century.

4.  People used herbal medicines.

5.  When they had a toothache they went to a barber to have their tooth out.

6.  Glasses were invented very long ago.

ІV. Повторення

1. Test "Health”

Text No. 1. Spend as much time outdoors can. Go in for swimming. Go in for different sports games. Eat many green vegetables and fruit. Don't drink cold water in hot weather. Don't lie in the sun for a long time. (In summer)

Text No. 2. Keep your bodies clean. Clean your teeth every day. Get enough sleep. Do morning exercises. Have regular meals and the same time. Wash your hands before meals. (At home)

Text No. 3. Don't take too many things out. Take only the things you need, comfortable clothes. Eat a little before you go for a swim. Don't go into the water after you have just eaten much. Don't eat dirty fruit. (At hikes)

Text No. 4. Put on warm clothes. Go in for skating and skiing. Keep your feet warm. Don't, stay outdoors for a long time. Don't have hot tea just before you go out into the street. (In winter)

Text No. 5. Sit and stand straight. When you are reading or writing, let the light come from behind your left shoulder. Keep your working place clean and tidy. Have as much fresh air as you can. Have your meals regularly. (At school and at home)

T. Take care of your health from your childhood. Eat healthy food, do exercises regularly, have enough sleep, don't smoke, don't use alcohol and drugs and you will be healthy in the future.

Healthy People - Healthy Nation

If there is health the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person, 

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house, 

There will be health in nation.

If there is health in the nation, 

There will be peace in the world.

V. Заключний етап уроку

        1.Домашнє завдання. 

        2. Підведення підсумків уроку.

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