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Главная » 2016 » Февраль » 8 » My Motherland: the place I love the most
My Motherland: the place I love the most

Name: Nikita

Surname: Khatsko

Life is very unpredictable and many people end up living in a different town or city from where they were born and where they spent their childhood. However, wherever they are, their Motherland remains a very special place for them, often connected with positive and warm memories.

Personally, I think that my Motherland is a place which cannot be found anywhere else, there is simply no similar place. My region is often associated with rich nature, like lovely forests, lakes, rivers, rare animals; nice fresh air, kind and understanding people and enormous number of places to visit or where to hang out with someone. My town, Slavyansk, is an exceptional place known all around Ukraine and even neighbor countries mainly for our resort, where you can get refreshment from everyday routine and improve your health, which is loved by all the tourists. Our town is also well-known for our ceramics masters, who create all sorts of ware from clay, and they sell them all over Ukraine; these goods are top-quality. As I have already said, our region pleases everyone with the beauty of its nature and many photographers come here to take some amazing photos of breathtaking landscapes.

My Motherland takes place in my heart not only because I was born here. I have even spent all my childhood here and the atmosphere of this region helped me to grow up as curious, expressive, hard-working, like other people who live here; I love it because I have all my best friends here, who enjoy living here, too; I am proud of our region as it has lots of tourist attractions, especially Svyatogorsk, which is called “Ukrainian Switzerland”.

In addition to this, living in Slavyansk has many advantages. To start with, it doesn’t take much time to get to any part of our town as it is rather small. Next, even though it is small, there are plenty of things to do and places to have a walk – a cinema, parks, seasonal theme parks, squares. Another advantage of Slavyansk is that people know each other well and here usually nothing serious or nothing dangerous happens, all people are calm and don’t worry about their safety. Finally, it’s not that expensive to live here, unlike in big cities, where the life in general is rather expensive.

To sum up, I need to say that wherever I live in the future, I will never forget about good time I have here and the beauty of my region. I will definitely like to come back even for a while and recollect all those memories from my childhood and teen-age time.

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