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Главная » 2016 » Февраль » 8 » My Motherland: the place I love the most
My Motherland: the place I love the most

Name: Yelyzaveta
Surname: Shevchenko

My motherland is the place where I was born, the place where I am becoming a personality and of course it is the place where I live. It is my small town, which is situated in the east of picturesque Ukraine in Donetsk region. It is called Slavyansk.

 My town, though does not have many cultural and entertaining attractions, has enchanting landscapes and medical procedures of Slavyansk resort do miracles to people. It has incredible nature. Its lakes, woods, glades and fresh air remain in the hearts and souls of Ukrainians as well as foreigners. In this important corner of Slavyansk people can improve their health and have a rest.

In the centre of our small town people also have a possibility to admire the fountain which lights in summer nights. It is on the central square. All people like to walk here. There are also two playgrounds, a trampoline and cars for small residents of Slavyansk. Definitely the cathedral Square is the pearl of my native land.

I think that the hometown and a person are connected with each other and it is very important for everyone. I feel this connection and I am very pleased with it. 


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