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Главная » 2016 » Февраль » 8 » My Motherland: the place I love the most
My Motherland: the place I love the most

Name: Aleksandra

Surname: Katasonova 

My Motherland: the place I love the most

 Every person has a place, which is Motherland for him. It is usually the place, where you were born, or where you have been living for all your life. It can be a small town, a village, or a big city, where you feel like you are home.

   My Motherland is a small town in the East of Ukraine – Slavyansk. I was born here, I spent my childhood here. Here all my family and friends live.

   Slavyansk is a small town, where everyone knows each other. It doesn`t have many places to go to, it`s not the most beautiful place in the world, but it has an amazing atmosphere and energy, that is created by the residents. People from Slavyansk have  wonderful charisma, which attracts visitors. Another important thing in Slavyansk is its salt lakes. People from different cities come to swim in our lakes, have a rest and get a wonderful treatment in our sanatoriums.

   Of course, for me Slavyansk is the best town in the world. Even, if one day the situation makes me move to another place, I`ll always miss my Motherland. Its energy will stay with me forever , because  almost every unforgettable event in my life is connected with this place. It`s perfect for me, despite all its little drawbacks.

  I`m proud, that I was born in Slavyansk.

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