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Главная » 2016 » Февраль » 8 » My motherland
My motherland

Name: Anna

Surname: Sukhanova

My Motherland: the place where I live, the place I love the most.

My home town is Slavyansk – the most beautiful and superb place for living. It is my world with native streets, buildings, parks and even trees. There are a lot of places to see in Slavyansk and to be proud of.
Of course, every city or town has a number of parks, squares, where people like spending their free time. But my town is especially lovely. Even the name Slavyansk was given to it by the Empress Catherine II who called it glorious. Tourists are fond of strolling along the spacious streets and enjoying magnificent sights. Most of young people prefer spending time in the cinema, where they can not only watch breathtaking films, but also have tasty lunch and communicate with friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Grown-ups usually choose a walk in the marvelous woods far from fuss and noise. All in all, everyone has a special place for relaxation, in spite of the fact that Slavyansk is a small town. 
There are many wonderful places in Slavyansk. I can definitely say that people are seldom ill here, because the clean environment and fresh air positively influence their health. Famous salty lakes attract people from different countries by their medical properties. A large number of tourists take mud baths here. Most of the year the weather is warm here because of the mild climate, therefore everyone loves to swim in Blue Lakes in the countryside. The transparency of water is not inferior to expensive resorts. Those, who adore touching the centuries-old history, should visit Svyatogorsk Lavra . It is not only the place of spiritual development, but also a masterpiece of Ukrainian architects and artists.
    I will always love my home town, because of emotions and recollections, which I got here during my childhood, even if I leave it. What I like the most in my town is its kind-hearted people. Fabulous nature, nice people, calm rhythm of life, - all these have affected me and have made me a personality.
    Slavyansk is a beautiful and magnificent town, which I love with all my heart. No matter where I am, I will always love my Motherland. There is no other place of this kind in the whole world.


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